The Fontaine

The Fontaine

Name: The Fontaine
Address: 1220 NE 17th Ave
City: Portland
Year of Construction: 1963
Architect: Newberry Roehr & Schuette
Original Use: Residential
Status: In Use
National Register of Historic Places: Not Listed
Description: The Fontaine is a 16-story, 88 unit residential tower immediately east of the Lloyd District. Construction of the building was announced in 1962, with plans for 56 two-bedroom apartments, 28 three-bedroom apartments and four penthouse units. Rents of $215 to $400 a month were planned. The general contractor was Smith-Farrens Co. In 1972 the building was converted from rentals into a condominium.

The Fontaine is arranged as a bar shaped tower, with extensive glazing on the east and west facades. Projecting concrete fins and a full height expanded gold anodized aluminum screen create a vertical emphasis to the building.

The tower sits on columns which elevate it above the open ground level. There is extensive greenery in the built-in landscape planters. At the southwest corner of the site there is a fountain, from which the building takes its name. One of the most distinctive features of the building is the gold colored screen, which wraps around the ground floor lobby.


• Michael’s renovation of his unit at Living Room Realty [new window]