Eugene Park Blocks

Name: Eugene Park Blocks Address: E. 8th and Oak Street City: Eugene Year of Construction:  1959 Architect: Wilmsen and Endicott and Lloyd Bond (landscape) Original Use: Park / Plaza Status: In Use National Register of Historic Places: Not Listed Description: The blocks were initially known as “hitchin’ post square” and…

Panorama Point Vista House

(Photo: Ellen Shapley) Name: Panorama Point Vista House Address: Eastside Rd City: Hood River Year of Construction: 1970 Architect: Unknown Original Use: Park / Plaza Status: In use National Register of Historic Places: Not Listed Description: Description coming soon.

Halprin Open Space Sequence

Halprin Open Space Sequence

(Photo: National Parks Service – National Register Nomination) Name: Halprin Open Space Sequence, including Keller Fountain, Pettygrove Park and Lovejoy Fountain Address: SW Open Spaces and Pedestrian Malls from Lincoln Street to Clay Street City: Portland Year of Construction: 1966 to 1970 Architect: Lawrence Halprin Original Use: Park / Plaza National Register of Historic Places : Listed…